I’ve lost myself in this journey of Motherhood

We have just moved… rather I have just moved… again. I have moved over 25 times in my life 7 different cities, multiple moves within those cities, and back to some after I had moved away.
I’m sitting in my living room today with my husband playing his latest video game, while I hear my kids(4 and 5) fight for what seems like the 1000 time today and I think…

I have nothing in my life thats just for me that I love doing.

Everything in my life revolves around my husband and children. I do everything for them. I eat what they like, I do what they like, I cook what they like and very rarely do I do anything I like. My “likes” and hobbies have been reformed around my husbands hobbies. He encourages me to get out and do something, invite someone out… but really I have so few people in my life anymore that I dont have anyone I could just call up and go out with. Not to mention I have no clue what to do. Go out to dinner….? Go see a movie…? Ye-haw!….

I have become so isolated. I understand mom friendships… infact I dont understand adult friendships at all. I’ve moved so many times I have no roots. I have no friendships that go back to Kindergarten. Or even to University. I dont have a close knit group of friends, and let me tell you… breaking into those groups of friendships seems next to impossible. So what do i do instead? I spend time on facebook, pinterest… watch another movie with my husband, or another episode of Downton Abbey(which lets face it… isn’t bad at all!)

But I’ve run out of movies to watch… I’ve lost the desire to sit doing nothing. I used to be a crazy active person. I peaked mountains for peats sake! I was a starting center basketball player for years! I would spend hours roller blading, I would spend hours upon hours dancing in our basement, choreographing dances. I even preformed them at youth events. I miss going out for drinks with friends, I miss doing things with friends every other day… or even every day.

There are things that interest me. But nothing I have taken on and run with. Not to say that I dont like them, but that I feel guilty about leaving my husband home with the kids. That he is sitting spending hours with the TV when I could stay home and spend time with him. But I’ve done that for 7 years… and now I’m left lonely and unsure of the things I myself like. So I’ve decided to make a change. Take hold of my own life, and change the things I can.

From now on, I will do the things I love even if no one wants to do them with me. No one wants to explore the river valley, I’ll go alone. If just the kids want to go, then just the kids and I will go. I have to stop taking responsibility for everyone else’s happiness, becuase i well and truly can’t control it. BUT I can control mine, and my happiness will trickle down into my family.

I will start off with my own walks, whenever I feel like going for a walk/explore I’m going to go even if no one else wants to go. i think that will help with my being happier. And in that It will trickle down into other things that I like, and that I can control. Once I’ve done that I think I will feel much more even keeled!


90 day challenge for weight loss before summer!

the possible
Do you want/need to lose weight? How about a little motivation to get you to your goal weight?
I have found a product that works amazingly! Weight loss has never come easily for me. Since my first child was born up to now I’ve gain 130 lbs. It is STUBBORN weight. I tried for 3 years and nothing worked.
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There will be fitness tips and ideas, health tips and recipes. Plus I am always available for support.
At the end of 90 days the top 3 people who have lost the most weight will win the money from the pot. It will be split up 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. 1st having the largest amount.

Lets lose weight and get healthy for summer!

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Before and After results are awesome motivation for weight loss

Such an awesome transformation!

Brittany regained her confidence and self love 💖

She shares her story:

“They say a photo is worth a thousand words… But I want to get really deep with you all as a look into my life and journey to get here.

Before having any of my kids I was a skinny 110 lbs. Yes, I was very active with playing sports but it was my metabolism that was through the roof. I can thank my father for that. I could eat whenever I wanted and whatever I wanted. As I got older and through my pregnancies, I kept that lifestyle. I learned through my journey that when my depression is the worst, which being honest is more often than not, I eat. There are days where I could eat and snack all day long.

Starting out at that 110 lbs to after my last pregnancy reaching 200 lbs, I hated everything about myself. I couldn’t stand to look in the mirror and hated leaving the house. I let my image control my mind by always comparing myself to everyone around me. And listening to those who laughed at the size I had become.
One day I decided I didn’t want to stay this way. But I couldn’t do it on my own, I needed help. I have been criticised, made fun of, judged, etc for my decision of needing help. How lazy I was being for not losing weight and getting healthy the “real” way. Believe me, I tried controlling my eating habits but I didn’t get any results which discouraged me more. I was more upset than ever. I wanted to get exercising to help. But trying to even get out of bed some days were a struggle. So I just gave in and I got help.
And you know what, it worked! But it did more than work, it gave me a whole other Family. A Family that has encouraged me through every moment. Who went beyond when they could have just turned their backs! Slowly, those voices I had been listening to including my own started getting drowned out by Love from my New Family. My SBC Family!

The scale is not what is driving my happiness anymore, it’s looking at this picture. Looking at how far I have come. What I do care about is how I feel! Yes, I still need to tone up the loose skin due to the loss of 40 lbs. But through this Journey I have started putting myself down less and loving myself more.

This hasn’t just been a weight change for me, it’s been a lifestyle change!”


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The few things I enjoy for me… as a mom

exausted mommy

There is very little I do for myself as a mom. I’m working on it, but I definitely dont come first in my life… or second… or even third or forth.

Self care is something that is basically brand new to me. Oh, I’ve known what it is, and I know how it works, but its not something I normally do. Everything and everyone always comes before me. Why that is… why that seems to be hard wired into my brain… not a clue. But that is how it is!

So I have been taking steps to change that for myself and boy does it feel good! I am very thankful that I have a wonderful hubby that encourages me to do these things!

Brand new to me… Oil Pulling… I know. You’re thinking EW! But honestly I’m SO glad I started doing it. I have never had my mouth feel so fresh and clean than after oil pulling with coconut oil and then flossing and brushing! Its something simple, and easy that I can do that make me feel amazing!  Check it out Here!

Going to the gym! Man I love it!! I am an active person that had kids back to back(they are 13 months apart) and it seriously hurt my body recovery. Plus some extra health issues. I have gain so much weight, and getting it off has been next to impossible. I have always been that fit athletic girl. Now I’m really not. I have been putting it off and putting it off. But we bought a membership, and we have been going and swimming with the kids, and now I’m started using the gym this past week, and tho my muscles are seriously complaining, I feel amazing!! I LOVE being active and my hubby loves that I love it, so he never minds staying home with the kids so I can get out!

Hobbies! I used to have TONS! Now I have none… or at least I thought I had none! It took some serious thought and a visit with a good friend of mine to realize that I do have things, just for me, that I love doing! I am now saving up for a sewing machine… and I’m just chomping at the bit to get it so I can get to sewing! I’m also going to start learning and doing Pyrography! I’m so excited!!!  I want to do name signs, and motivation and quotes! Then to top it all off, I love Photography and my hubby bought me a beautiful camera for Christmas! I just want to bless people with photos! Just cause you dont have a lot of money to pay for really nice pictures doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have them! So that’s 3 hobbies I am so excited about!! 3 things just for me!

It isn’t selfish to care about yourself. To put yourself first from time to time. Its like in an airplane, they tell you to put your own oxygen mask on first before helping anyone else… even your children! If you’re unconscious… worn out… depressed… unable to cope… how can you be THERE for your family, your friends, the people that need and depend on you? You just simply can’t unless you put time and care into yourself from time to time.

Find something that you love, something that energizes you! MAKE time for it, set time aside every day for that thing. Even just a few minutes of “charge” time will help you get through the next moment, or next day. You are beautiful, you are important! Love and respect yourself, it will go a very very VERY long ways!



Tips to use to stop over eating! Losing weight is easier when you know how to control your appetite!

One of the biggest causes to obesity is over eating! In general we all over eat… mindlessly eat… eat WAY more than we need to because our brains haven’t had a chance to register when we’ve had what we need.

Here are 8 awesome tips to avoid eating to much!

tv meals
1–> Stop eating in front of the TV and focus on your meals. This also includes tablets, phones, computers etc.
Sit at the table, turn some quiet music on and spend time as a family or by yourself. Reflect on your day, whats coming up, make plans. Set a new habit in your brain that TV time isn’t eating time! IF you do have family movie nights or the like, give yourself ONE portion and commit to only eating that much.

snail pace
2–> Slow down…I know sometimes the meal is just SO GOOD! But did you know it takes your body 20 mins to register that you’ve had enough to eat? Go slow, really savour the taste, a lot of the time we eat so fast we dont really taste the meal. Enjoy the hard work you or someone else has put into the meal. Take it slow and linger… enjoy the meal!

Chew chew chew
3–> Chew your food! This one goes along with tip number 2… chewing your food well will automatically slow down your eating. But it will also give you the chance to really taste your food as well as give you more of the nutrients. Not to mention its the first step in digesting your food. The better chewed it is the easier time your body will have in breaking it down. Less bloating, pain and gas.

bored eating
4–> Dont eat when you’re bored. It isn’t helpful or satisfying. It leads to very unhealthy habits, health wise, weight gain wise and emotionally!  You’re more likely to eat unhealthy foods and much more of those foods when you’re bored and not paying attention. Go for a walk, wash a wall… read a book. Engage your mind in something else. For the moments you’re just super “hungry” and feeling snacking but for nothing particular, in most cases you’re likely actually dehydrated. Have a big glass of water and wait 20 mins, I would bet the craving will subside!

5–> Dont buy the snack food. You know those chips you love? That bag of chocolate covered what nots, that sour candy or ice cream? If you can’t control how much you eat, then simply dont buy it. Only buy healthy snacks, make your own dips for veggies and fruit. This way you know what you’re eating, whats in it and you’ll feel so much better about your food choices.

6–> Eat Veggies! Before your lunch and/or supper eat your veggies first. Have a bowl of salad, a cup of broccoli or whatever veggies you like. THEN eat your protein and then your carbs. You’ll eat a lot less of the carbs this way and mostly fill up on veggies! You do need the carbs but not nearly as much as we normally eat.

drink up
7–> Drink lots of water! Did you know that the recommended 8 glasses of water is a good starting point but that it actually depends on how much you weigh? You actually should be drinking half your weight in ounces of water per day! Drink this and you’ll feel a lot less snacky, you wont get dehydrated cravings and the water will help keep you fuller longer! Dont link plain water? Add some fruit to it! Lime and Mint is refreshing and delicious!

Skinny fiber works
8–> Last but certainly not least, use Skinny Fiber. Its an all natural supplement that aids in weight loss, while supporting the body and helping it function naturally! It corrects and aligns from the inside out! It has a dietary fiber in it that helps you feel full and not get hungry as quickly! Plus 7 digestive enzymes that support the health of your body naturally! This prevents you from over eating if you listen to your body and thus helps you lose weight!
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Weight loss and motherhood… neither is easy and uncomplicated

I am 29 years old. I have always been the athletic slim girl, playing basketball, volleyball, roller blading, dancing etc etc… There are few sports I haven’t played. I love being active, being outside… but this past year has been really hard on me. I have had a lot of health issues come up. We have had HUGE changes in our personal lives, and I’m a mom of a 3 year old boy and a 4 year old girl.

Things have been pretty rough for me lately. Life has gotten very stressful and overwhelming. I am stress and emotional eater… so I have gained a lot of weight… currently I weigh the most I ever have. Its very disheartening.
BUT I have gotten the okay from my specialists to start exercising again!!! I have the okay from my pharmacist that my meds wont interact with Skinny Fiber!

So it is on! Nov. 1st I am starting a new 90 day challenge! I am committing to working out, eating better, and will be losing this weight I dont want! I will be posting my progress in our group! Follow along! I would love your imput, encouragement!

Skinny Fiber will be my tool to help me do this! I have lost 29lbs and 27 inches using Skinny Fiber before. That was without changing my diet and without exercise! So this time I’m hoping for more weight lost!
Join me! I would love to have some weight loss buddies! Skinny Fiber works, but IF you dont like your results you will get ALL your money back.
there is a great buy 2 get 1 free deal which is perfect for the 90 day challenge. OR if you have a friend what will do it with you, buy 3 get 3 free makes it even cheaper if you go in with a friend!

You can see the deals here

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Lets get this done and lose the weight we dont want!

Who is in!?