I dont live in a perfect house. Its messy, there is clutter. I am not a perfect wife or mom. I raise my voice, I get irritated with my husband and with my kids. We have had to learn how to do finances, and because of that we have debt. I have hurt people, and I have been hurt. I burn meals and forget the laundry and wash the same load 5 times! There are days my kids get cereal for supper cause momma is just done.

I am not perfect, and I never pretend to be.

Now Imagine for a second…

Imagine a life that you could stay home with your kids.
Imagine a life retiring your partner early.
Imagine a life that your “no” to something has nothing to do with money.
Imagine a life where you are confident and proud of yourself.
Imagine a life where you get to travel and explore the world.
Imagine a life that has limitless potential.
Imagine a life that YOU did all those things.


You could be free of headaches/migraines
You could be free from hormonal issues
You could be free from autoimmune issues
You could be free from exhaustion
You could be free from insomnia
You could be free from gut imbalances

Imagine a life where you’re not constantly sick, in pain, tired, worn out and just barely surviving… I hear you, I never thought it was possible either. But it has happened for me.

Read that first paragraph again. Look at my picture. I’m wearing a baggy sweater, my hair isn’t perfect, my house isn’t clean. Beside me to the right out of frame is a chair with 3 glasses and a mug on it and a baggie of goldfish.

You could do this. You dont have to be perfect! You get to make mistakes! You get to learn something new and feel the rush when it makes sense and you see your first paycheck, and know you’ve helped change someone else’s life!
I know you may have been burnt before. I was too. I know there are a lot of nay sayers out there. I’ve heard them too. But are you going to let fear and other people control the outlook of your life?!

Imagine that life you only dream of. Imagine seeing that start coming into reality.
This isn’t magic. This is a business. It takes time and effort and you’ll see out of it what you put into it!
BUT imagine, if you do that… if you decide to try again…Imagine where you’ll be a year from now. Where will you be 2 years from now?
If you dont try, can you guess what your life will look like in that same time frame? It will more than likely look very close to how it looks right now. Which is NOT necessarily a bad thing.

But I want more for my life, for myself, for my husband, for our family. I want to live life to the fullest extent not just survive the day to day.

Freedom Lies in being BOLD
-Robert Frost

Want to change your life, and the lives of others?
Are you ready to be bold with me?!

Are you sick of being sick and tired?

Ugh I have heard it all! Over and over again, company after company! Be the best you possible! Are you sick of being sick and tired! If you could change one thing about your health what would it be!?

Seriously, dont you think I have been trying to do just that!? Dont you think I have been trying to get healthy!? I MISS playing basketball, and dancing and roller blading! I hate not being able to play tag with my kids, and ride bikes with them! Its not like I chose to be sick all the time, gain weight and not be able to loose it no matter what I have done. A magical milk shake isn’t going to fix me. A magical saran plastic wrap isn’t going to cure my depression, anxiety and IBS symptoms. And those awesome dance moves… well I cant do em cause of all my pain and inflammation! So just eat healthy and exercise… well if I could do that, dont you think it would have helped already? If I go for more than a 10 min walk I will be in pain for 4 days. Not like ouch…. but like I cant move, lay on the couch and want to crawl in a hole pain. I have two kids… I dont have the time or luxury to do that!

So whats left… talk to my doctors… and then they tell me they dont know why, and here are some more meds to help! Try to learn to live with that!

Thats not an answer I like, or one that I accept. So decided to do my own research and get my own answers. And guess what y’all!! I found em!

Science… just cause we arent all doctors doesn’t mean we cant learn and research and find answers for ourselves! So No… I am not a medical proffesional at all. I am a stay at home mom, of two little kids. Thats it. haha I home school them, and I have a passion for learning, and explanding what I know on an almost constant bases! Ask anyone that knows me… I research EVERYTHING. If I dont have an answer, out comes my phone. No I’m not talking about wikipedia and… I’m talking actually studies and science and medical papers.(did you know those are REALLY hard to read through?! haha)

Anywho, off the rabbit trail

I suffered from headaches for years, and once I had kids those headaches that I had almost daily, became migraines 2-3 times a week! Talk about living in pain and not having fun! Daily headaches and 2-3 migraines a week. NOT.FUN. I was popping 800mg of ibuprofen just to cope, but it never took them away. FYI. Dont do that, its really not good for you!
Here is what I didn’t know, and what my doctors never told me.
Why didn’t my doctors tell me this!? Seems like something they should know about right?!

Well believe it or not… most doctors currently in practice dont actually know much about it! It is the new up and coming medical marvel.

Okay so IBS… yep I’m going there. did you know that 25-45 million people suffer from it!? did you know that 2 out of 3 of those people are female!? It is miserable, eating a food and then in 3 mins know you’re going to spend the next 30 mins in so much pain and on the can! I hate it. DID YOU KNOW THEY DON’T KNOW WHAT CAUSES IT. Oh there are symptoms, and they can tell you you have it based on those, but the cause… nope. no clue. Yep. You read that right… its 2018 and they STILL don’t know why so many people suffer from IBS…How in the world is that possible!?
Well guess what I found!? You guessed it! Answers! Yes that is a medical paper and studies, cant read it or understand it no worries, here is another version! 
Yep they have finally found a way for it to go away! But still most doctors have no clue. ugh.

If you’re thinking thats it, I wish you were right.
Inflammation… ugh such a nasty nasty word! wrecks havock on the body! But again… my doctors never told me about it!
Common signs of inflammation
You have a Spare tire around your waist.
You have high glucose levels
You have digestive problems likes gas, diarrhea, bloating and constipation
You’re tired all the time
You have skin problems, acne, eczema, psoriasis, or red and blotchy skin
You have allergies
Your face is puffy or you have puffy bags under your eyes
You have gum disease
You’re depressed, anxious or suffer with brain fog
If you’re a man, you may have erectile dysfunction
OKAY… common! That is a huge list! minus the man stuff I was suffering from all of those things! How come I was never told how to fix it!? Ya < that one there is also a medical paper. Here is another version!

So what is all this working up to? I am healthy. I could list off about 5 other things I struggled with. Hey if you really wanna know send me a message! But The whole point of this is that you actually can be healthy! There actually are answers! Doctors don’t know them all, and sometimes don’t like them cause it takes their income away. What if you could get well!? What if you could feel better? what if you could stop taking some, most, or all of your meds?! Did you know that if you tackle and correct your gut health you could do that!?

Check out what Harvard med has to say about gut health!

Check out what Caltech has to say about how your gut health affects you!

Check out what a Huffington post article says about your gut health
(by Dr.Mark Hyman MD)!

Are you catching on? This isn’t some crazy board stay at home mom. I’ve done my research, as have all the people I have linked you to. I have so many more medical papers, and links, and articles I could attach to this post.
This is my passion. My goal is to be the person I didn’t have. To give answers to people looking for them. To be the person for someone else, that I didn’t have. I can help people see that they don’t have to spend years sick, if they will listen. Will you? Do you want to change your health?

All those things I listed above… I don’t suffer from anymore. I haven’t for 5 months now. I’m just starting to lose weight now. I have been the same weight for 4 years. Not budging a pound on the scale. no matter what I try. But because now I am correcting my gut health, now I am dealing with my ROOT health issue, my body is finally able to lose weight!

If you want to learn more, I would love to chat with you to see if what I use to help my health could help you too! If you’re ready for a change in your life, to be able to play with your kids, to not be in pain, to be able to function without headaches, to be able to be out in public and eat food without fear of spending the next hour in pain and on the toilet… if.. well.. really if you have any health issues I challenge you to google…whatever your health issue is with the term “and gut health” and see what pops up
ie. “Depression and gut health”. This example I do not give lightly. Depression and anxiety are something I have struggled with since my preteen years. However am delighted to say, it is no longer a struggle for me!

I would love to chat with you, share with you what I’ve learn and give you more articles. Or share with you what I have done that has healed my body! Send me a message or comment on the post. Chat with me or follow/friend me on facebook. Let me know where you found my post.

You are loved! You are Cherished! Be Kind, everyone is somebody’s someone ❤



MTHFR… Is that a swear word?

Do you know what this is? Or if you have it?

More than 1/2 of us have this gene and don’t know it. And if you or your partner have it, you likely have passed it on to your kiddos too, but what is it? What does it look like?

From Jessica Hoodendoorn. She is a Naturopathic Doctor ,Nutritional Consultant, and Master Herbalist

“For the estimated 60% of people affected by this gene mutation, a curse is exactly what it can feel like!! Most don’t even KNOW that they have this gene mutation that causes an inability to process certain forms of key nutrients, and makes it very difficult for their body to detox.

People with the MTHFR mutation are unable to “methylate” ingredients like Folic Acid) as well as certain B vitamins, and instead, these ingredients turn toxic in their body. Methylation is a very complex thing but simply put, it’s the ability to process toxins and hormones. When the methylation process is inhibited for any reason, Glutathione levels drop, making the body more susceptible to oxidative stress, and far less tolerant to toxins. This lack of detoxification can lead to all kinds of behavioral, mental, and even physical illnesses or disabilities.

Here’s a short list of how MTHFR can present in health issues:
💥Vascular disease
💥Blood clots
💥Respiratory issues
💥Neural Tube Defects
💥Down Syndrome
The methylation cycle is tied directly to our serotonin (happy hormone) and dopamine (reward and pleasure neurotransmitter) levels. Individuals with MTHFR often need higher doses of Vitamin D as well because they lack the ability to absorb it properly. It’s crucial that they find a good methylated multi-vitamin, as well as a probiotic, and omega supplement that have bio-available nutrients they can readily and quickly absorb.

The best news: methylated vitamins and nutrients are beneficial for EVERYONE, even if you DON’T have any form of genetic mutation…. no one is excluded, yet everyone is covered!! So whether you have it or not, a Methylated Vitamin is something you want to me on. It is the most easily
assimilated nutrients our body reaches for EVERY DAY 

One of the many reasons I LOVE Plexus is because their products are FORMULATED to be safe for anyone having this gene. Our Multi Vitamin for adults and children is FULLY Methylated and WILL BE easily assimilated. They will NOT cause us to be toxic and start having a list of the above symptoms 🙂

IF you have this gene (48-50% of people do and don’t know it) your multi vitamin will be working AGAINST you if it’s not fully Methylated.

How do you know if you or your child’s multi is NOT methylated?
Look at the back. Does it say Folic Acid or Folate?
If it says folic acid it is NOT methylated.

Do you struggle with the above issues? Make sure you are taking a multi that is FULLY Methylated. Both of Plexus Multi’s are  If you have it and you have children, you more than likely have passed this gene on to your children.

This is not a matter to mess with as there are numerous people so toxic from taking supplements that were working against them, it can take years to get back on track as they ‘cannot detox’ like someone without the gene. It is an uphill process to get healthy like we were created to be. Even some of the supplements you get thru Naturopaths are not methylated. It is a newer ‘discovery’ and much more expensive to use FOLATE instead of FOLIC ACID.
Many Multi Vitamins and even other vitamin combos we may be on can use Folic Acid instead of Folate. (Be a label reader:)
Remember the MTHFR mutation can cause issues in utilizing folate/folic acid and can cause infertility, mid-line defects, developmental issues, difficulties producing neurotransmitters, depression, anxiety, irritability, learning difficulties, detoxification issues, and other complications, inability to handle much stress and the list goes on.

This is an issue that is starting to become more and more widely known and I am SO glad Plexus is leading the charge in making sure their supplements and Multi Vitamins are safe. It costs more to produce, but is so worth it. Very few vitamins I have seen, EVEN expensive ones are methylated because of the cost.

One of the other benefits that I have not seen before in a Vitamin is, both of our Plexus Adult and the Children’s vitamin now work on healing the gut!!!

The Children’s chewable now has 3 strains of probiotics added to it for better assimilation of nutrients, and to help children’s gut health be optimum!

The Adult Multi has all the vitamins and minerals, but also activates the beneficial gut bacteria and protects it, EVERY DAY  That is huge and unheard of for a Multi Vitamin to activate AND protect good bacteria, every single day! I am so impressed with both!

So if you don’t know if you do or do not have the MTHFR gene, and you want your family on a multi vitamin, these are SUPER affordable and are in the most absorbable form you can have. PLUS they both work on helping to heal the gut.
Don’t make yourself toxic with your vitamins.

Every day our body is using Minerals and Vitamins to repair and rebuild. Children are growing fast and need nutrients every day, or their body can’t develop like it was meant to.
Nursing and pregnant mamas desperately need these nutrients and need to be able to absorb them.”

As always talk to your doctor if you have concerns!
This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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Be Kind! Remember everyone is somebody’s someone! ❤


Just because I don’t talk about it…

Every now and then I get into conversations that end abruptly when I say I have struggled with depression, anxiety, learning disabilities, and I actually do understand where people are coming from. Its happened a lot, and seems to be shocking because I just don’t talk about it. Not because there is a stigma. Not because I think it makes me less of a person(I used to think this). But I simply don’t talk about it because depression, anxiety and my learning disabilities, don’t define me.

I have been affected by mental health, in one form or another, throughout my whole life. Every area of my life has been touched by it. I have had intense struggles throughout my life. I was horribly bullied throughout my schooling, by friends, classmates and teachers. My home life was impacted with mental health struggles as well.

The struggles I have had in my life, have helped to mold me into the person I am today. I allow my struggles to challenge me, but not overcome me. I refused to allow the way my brain was functioning to limit what I wanted in life. I lost out on hopes and dreams simply because I couldn’t do it. Time and again things did not work out. But instead of letting it get me down and keep me down, I would grieve the loss and then figure out another direction to take.

There were times I was told I may never be able to be independent. That I would never amount to anything. That I wouldn’t be able to have the life I dreamt of. Instead of agreeing with those people, I let it motivate me. I knew I was made for more, I knew I could do more! Yes I also knew my life may look different than the “typical” adult, but I had never been typical and I was okay with that!

You get to make the choice. Don’t let your struggles, fears, and insecurities define your life! When you get knocked down, grieve the loss, take a few deep breaths, get back up and find a new path to take. Take as many paths as it takes to reach the destination that you desire. Remember too, that the destination you desire can change and shift, as you yourself change and shift! Don’t cling to 1 thing as if your life depends on it. Be flexible.

“You can’t step in the same river twice
The water’s always changing, always flowing”

There is depth to this song.

Being someone who has to work through learning disabilities, depression and anxiety I can honestly say the only thing that will hold you back in life… is you.
Adjust your own expectations, make small goals you can meet every day, week, month. If you just stop, and give up that’s your fault. No one else’s. Take responsibility for your life, I had to do that too. Its not easy, in fact its down right hard sometimes.  But blaming others for the choices and paths you have chosen in your life isn’t healthy. For you or for the people you’re blaming.

Yes things happen in our lives we have ZERO control over. They suck, and can be downright horrible. But how you choose to deal with those things, IS your choice. If you choose to be the victim, if you choose to believe nasty things people say about you(and I know it can be horrible) that is your choice, but it will hinder your life. It will effect the quality of life you can have. I have been there. I lived in it for a while and I was an angry miserable person. I didn’t want to live. But since then, I have learned how to persevere. To face struggles and challenges head on,  and to refuse to stay down.
just breath
Know that if you are in the midst of struggles, a bad episode, or feel like there is no hope.
There is. I have been there. Take a few deep breaths, get up and just take 1 step forward. You can do this. You can have dreams and hopes and make the choice to not allow circumstances to dictate how your life goes. You get to make the choices.

Know that you’re not alone. I was in the same boat, and if you don’t want to be in that boat anymore, know there are ways into new boats.

You are strong. You are unique. No one can be you, better than you.

Remember to be kind! Everyone is somebodies someone! ❤

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Is it possible to dream big

So many people have tried to start their own business! Tried and failed in their own eyes. So many people are looking for the get rich quick. But building a business, any business takes time, energy and effort. Heck, not even just businesses but anything of value to you… it took time! How long did you date? How long does pregnancy last? How many years of school did you do for your current job?

Everything worth your time and energy takes just that…time and energy.
time and energy

What are your dreams and goals? How are you going to achieve them? So many people are stuck in the day to day slogging around in a job they can barely tolerate. A lot of families miss out on family time because one parent is often gone for extended periods of time to make a good living. I live in Alberta, so there are a lot of parents who work on the Oil Rigs. Thats a lot of time to spend away from your family and kids.
There are also a lot of parents that would love to be stay at home parents, but just simply can’t afford it!
Scam Alert
Because of all the “get rich quick” schemes, most people think its a joke. But The thing is, its not. You need to be selective, but isn’t that true of most things in life? You dont buy the first pair of shoes you see, you try them on, walk around the store, even try a few more pairs before settling on which you want.
When you’re looking for a job, the same is true. You go for an interview, but you’re just as able to say no, as they are to hire you. You want to know what the team is like, who you’re working under, who will be investing into you and training you. If this is a career option, you’ll likely be looking into the company, what they stand for, what is their adage is! You, in an ideal world, would want to work with someone who shares your values.

Here’s the thing, you can! There are so many different companies out there.
What are you passionate about?
Collage 2018-02-12 22_32_04
Health? Cooking? Makeup? Jewelry? Healthy Meals?  Essential Oils? Educational Toys? Tea? Fitness? Books?
Each of those have at least a few businesses attached to them! So their are ootles of options! But how do you find the best one!?

Well to be successful you need to believe in what you do. Is it just a product to you, or does it better the lives of people around you in some way? Is it just something to make you money, or would you still use it if you couldn’t make a dime on it? You need passion and zeal! People are looking for someone they can trust, someone who is real and can spearhead the way to the destination! How do you do that?
Find someone you can trust! Only you know know what it is you trust about someone. Are they honest, do they stretch the truth, only you know what it takes for you to trust someone.
Look into what you’re passionate about and look for a company that does that!
Do you like helping people, feeding people, making people feel beautiful about them selves!?

Next look at the company itself. Delve deep. Dont just look at the website and think “its well done and looks pretty”… think! Do some research, talk to people you trust(and support your choice to try to better your life) and not the debbie downers. Bounce your thoughts and ideas off them.
What does the compensation plan look like, that is, how do you get paid?
A lot of companies have multiple ways of getting paid.

-Forced Matrix Plan
This allows you to have a specific amount of people on each level of your organization. You can sponsor however many you’d like, but you’re limited on where you can place them in your group. An example would be 5X7 matrix. It allows you to have 5 people on each level, but after you have 5 people on your first level, all other people you sponsor go down to level two and below.

-Binary Plan
In this type you only build on two legs, you have a left leg and a right leg, but what that means is that you only have two people directly under you. These ones I find would be difficult to make money on. As you generally dont make money at the same time from both legs. They often have to be even, and have the right amount of people, with the right amount of sales volume, and equal business ranks. Its tricky. It can be done, but it does complicate things.

-Breakaway(its hard to get an image of a breakaway plan because its just you… leaving with a bunch of people, or people leaving you, with a bunch of your people) so Chocolate it is!
A “breakaway” plan is used by some larger MLM companies. In these plans those that are successful and reach a certian rank then “breakaway” from your downline. Once they breakaway their sales volume is no longer counted as your sales volume. Instead you’ll see a small % of their overall group volume as a bonus. Generally ranging in the 3-6%.
The downside of this, is that when someone breaksaway you lose a chunk of the team you’ve built.

Collage 2018-02-12 22_45_07
-Uni-Level Matrix
Here you can sponsor as many into your level one as you’d like!! In most cases though you are limited as to how many levels deep you can earn initially. Often to achieve below you need to reach a certain rank in order to benefit from those people.

This is when a company takes ideas from any plan and makes up their own! More and more companies are doing this. Like taking the Unlimited level ones(Uni-Level) and not limiting your levels down.

People that have tried and failed may have done so because they lack key elements in their personality, or were maybe afraid to show these traits! I know I was!
Do you have grit and determination? Have you had to work hard and overcome obstacles in your life to get to where you are now?
Are you a problem solver and love to face a challenge head on? Do you blaze ahead or need to be  dragged?
Are you teachable and trainable? That doesn’t make you weak, it makes you confident and a team player!
Being a strong personality, having a thick skin and being able to take rejection is key. You need to know that what you do has value whether or not this person agrees with you. Your success doesn’t lie with them.

A lot of people say they dont have the time for a home business. You’re working to many hours already! Maybe so! But are you actually enjoying your life?! Are you missing key points in your kids lives because you’re working so hard for them? How long are you going to be able to do that? Dont you want to have time to enjoy that boat you bought, or the rv?
Are you starting to see that investing a little time and energy now may actually pay off in your future. Yes, you could be the few that make it happen within a few months or year. But most will have to work at it for at least a few years before seeing the BIG profits made. But just think… 2, 3 or even 5 years. Is that not worth your time and energy to have freedom? Freedom to spend time with your families, freedom to travel, freedom from the 8-5 grind…
Stop and think for a minute… what could your life look like in 5 years!?

So you’ve found what you’re passionate about, you’ve found a payplan you like….now you need your why. WHY!?

Your WHY is what will motivate you! Start simple and easily attainable. And grow from there! What do you want to see happen in 3 months? 6 months? a year? 2 years? 5 years? What is the difference between a dream and a goal?… A time frame!  Does your WHY make you feel emotional? No? Dig deeper! What is your DREAM…
Now you can look at a company, and find something that could work for you! Find someone you think could help you down the path of success! You need to find a leader, who will help you grow and learn and teach you how to do the same!

I would love to chat with you more! Find me on facebook and send me a message or friend request! Lets build a team of people that can be free of the 8-5 grind and live life with our families and see our dreams, into goals that become reality!

Go out there and change the world! Be kind, everyone is somebodies someone. ❤


I have really struggled with what people think of me. My whole life I have always tried to please others, to make myself into what I think others want me to be, never truly being myself. In doing that over so many years I have lost who I am, the things that make me tick, and the things I am passionate about.

Fast forward to almost 32 years old and I have given up. I have moved so many times in my life, with so many lost friendships because I didn’t know how to maintain contact. But what I have found is myself. I have found passion. I have found things that I am truly interested in!
Collage 2018-02-12 09_56_36
I now crochet! I love it, and have taught myself for a while now! I have so many patterns printed and saved! So many Skeins of yarn ready and waiting for the next project! Its a lovely evening spent with my hubby sitting on the couch, crocheting while he plays a video game, while we watch a movie or just talking!


I LOVE to read!!! Now this isn’t a particularly new hobby of mine, but it is one that I kept quiet about because I was worried people would think I was weird. I have a wide range of books I love. And I re-read them over and over and over again! I love any and all books written by Robin Jones Gunn, she is hands down my favorite Author. I love the Harry Potter Series, the Twilight Series(I know… I know but the books are WAAAY better than the movies) I love books by Jannette Oke, I love the Divergent series, Books by HIlda Stahl and one of my all time Favorites…. Jubalee Trail by Gwen Bristow… if you haven’t read it go get it right now!

Okay one of the biggest passions I have, that surprisingly gets a lot of comments, and surprised responses… I LOVE being a mom. No I dont find my kids irritating, no I dont want to send them off to preschool, school, or college so I get space. Yes… I LOVE home schooling them. Yes I LOVE spending time with them. I Chose to be a mom, I chose to have my life invaded by these wonderful little monkeys! Yes I have a hard days, and by bedtime I am so done. But I would never change my life, and the blessing and the joy that they bring each and every day!

A passion that I have is learning. Did you know that learning never has to stop!? Now because of the internet always being at our fingertips it has never been so easy! Now I’m not talking about “Siri what is the moon” sort of learning. I’m talking about full out research, medical papers, doctors dissertations type of learning! I have always loved biology, but was told it was something I couldn’t achieve. Well going to university and becoming a biologist may have been a reach for me… but I am learning now! I have always loved Anatomy and physiology. Maybe its because my mom worked on an Ambulance for years. But the body is a fascinating thing! It doesn’t work in ways you’d assume it would!
For instance did you know your intestines aka, your gut makes 80-90% of your bodies Serotonin?! That’s the happy hormone, people who are depressed(which is a lot of people whether they will admit it and get help or not) dont make enough serotonin! But its not your brain that is mostly responsible for it! Some papers, even claim up to 95% of your serotonin comes from your gut!
The world is so focused on treating symptoms, not the real problem! Its like cleaning up all the sticky hand prints in the house again and again and again when you could just wash the hands of the sticky child running around!


I am also passionate about honesty. The things I share about, I am honest about. My integrity is something I value highly, I dont mislead people, I work hard to not lie. I think about my words before I speak. Honesty and integrity are something I hold myself to at a high degree. I can’t expect others to achieve something I am unwilling, or unable to do.

I am passionate about freedom. This comes in many different forms, but I am convinced we were not created to work 8-5, Monday-Friday from 18 until 65, to then only be able to enjoy life after retirement, and thats only if you’ve managed to have a good enough job to secure your retirement! A lot of people haven’t been able to do that, or think they wont be able to and so have resigned themselves to a less than they want future. Well I flat out refuse.
I have researched and planned and have goals in place! I will do something I am passionate about to help our family, and help others as well! Doing that allows for us to work and save, but also not limit our lives with what if’s.
We will travel before retirement! We will bless others with gifts and cheques! We will treat family and friends to trips! We will be able to adopt when the time comes! We will be able to stop living paycheque to paycheque, just scrapping by! but best of all, we will have time for each other! We wont be worn out dragging, and exhausted parents! I am so excited and passionate about this! The difference between a dream and a goal is a plan, and a time frame! Mines in place, do you have yours?

Lastly I am passionate about friendships! There are so many people in the world that are lonely… yet there are so many people in the world no one… not one single person should ever be lonely! I love meeting new people, making new friends, sharing life stories! I love to be there for people, to help and support. To be a true friend. So whoever you are reading this, know that you have been thought of, that you’re not alone and that someone(Me) would love to chat with you! If you have facebook, add me!

I hope you have a wonderful day! Remember, be kind today! The world needs more kindness!

TTFN… ta ta for now!


I’ve lost myself in this journey of Motherhood

We have just moved… rather I have just moved… again. I have moved over 25 times in my life 7 different cities, multiple moves within those cities, and back to some after I had moved away.
I’m sitting in my living room today with my husband playing his latest video game, while I hear my kids(4 and 5) fight for what seems like the 1000 time today and I think…

I have nothing in my life thats just for me that I love doing.

Everything in my life revolves around my husband and children. I do everything for them. I eat what they like, I do what they like, I cook what they like and very rarely do I do anything I like. My “likes” and hobbies have been reformed around my husbands hobbies. He encourages me to get out and do something, invite someone out… but really I have so few people in my life anymore that I dont have anyone I could just call up and go out with. Not to mention I have no clue what to do. Go out to dinner….? Go see a movie…? Ye-haw!….

I have become so isolated. I understand mom friendships… infact I dont understand adult friendships at all. I’ve moved so many times I have no roots. I have no friendships that go back to Kindergarten. Or even to University. I dont have a close knit group of friends, and let me tell you… breaking into those groups of friendships seems next to impossible. So what do i do instead? I spend time on facebook, pinterest… watch another movie with my husband, or another episode of Downton Abbey(which lets face it… isn’t bad at all!)

But I’ve run out of movies to watch… I’ve lost the desire to sit doing nothing. I used to be a crazy active person. I peaked mountains for peats sake! I was a starting center basketball player for years! I would spend hours roller blading, I would spend hours upon hours dancing in our basement, choreographing dances. I even preformed them at youth events. I miss going out for drinks with friends, I miss doing things with friends every other day… or even every day.

There are things that interest me. But nothing I have taken on and run with. Not to say that I dont like them, but that I feel guilty about leaving my husband home with the kids. That he is sitting spending hours with the TV when I could stay home and spend time with him. But I’ve done that for 7 years… and now I’m left lonely and unsure of the things I myself like. So I’ve decided to make a change. Take hold of my own life, and change the things I can.

From now on, I will do the things I love even if no one wants to do them with me. No one wants to explore the river valley, I’ll go alone. If just the kids want to go, then just the kids and I will go. I have to stop taking responsibility for everyone else’s happiness, becuase i well and truly can’t control it. BUT I can control mine, and my happiness will trickle down into my family.

I will start off with my own walks, whenever I feel like going for a walk/explore I’m going to go even if no one else wants to go. i think that will help with my being happier. And in that It will trickle down into other things that I like, and that I can control. Once I’ve done that I think I will feel much more even keeled!